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Never debug your state machine again

Open source tools to automate back-and-forth conversations, based on the latest machine learning research

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Manage Contextual Conversations

Forget state machines with thousands of rules and instead manage smarter conversations with machine learning. Learn from real conversations to improve performance without further complicating your code.

Recognize Intents

Understand the meaning of a sentence in dozens of natural languages. For advanced use cases, train custom language models for even better performance.

Extract Entities

Get valuable structured data like dates, addresses and phone numbers from free text. Built-in pre-trained entities give you a kickstart so that you need less training data.

Full Data Control

Data is the new competitive edge. Be independent and don’t send your valuable training data to 3rd party APIs. Deploy on-prem or in your favourite private cloud.

Connect Your APIs

Bring conversations into the real world by integrating with your APIs, pulling and pushing data to your enterprise backend systems. And if you don't want a standard connector to messaging channels like Facebook, Slack or Telegram, you can easily add your own.

Custom Models

Fine-tune our machine learning models or train your own model for your domain to get peak performance.

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Build your own AI assistant in-house!

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