Never debug your state machine again

Open source tools to automate multi-turn, contextual conversations, based on the latest Machine Learning research

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The Rasa Stack is used by thousands of developers in companies from the garage to the Fortune 500

Rasa Core

Forget rule-based systems. Manage your dialogue with Machine Learning, and watch it improve with each conversation.

Star Fork

Build smarter conversational software without further complicating your code

Handle multi-turn, contextual conversations with deep backend integration

Stop wasting time debugging your state machine

Rasa NLU

Turn natural language into structured data with standard or customised models

Star Fork

Be independent and don’t rely on 3rd party APIs

Process messages internally and save network overhead

Tune models and get peak performance

Why leading developers love Rasa

Start building!

Only need NLU for now? Install Rasa NLU

Using Rasa Stack in a product team?

Rasa Platform unlocks additional enterprise-grade features and support