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Case Study

End-to-end automation and cost savings for a claims process with Rasa Platform and Robotic Process Automation (RPA)


Helvetia, a leading Swiss insurance company, is dedicated to superior customer experience. However, claims management still involves a lot of manual work in customer service and the back office, resulting in high costs and long waiting times for their customers. That’s why Helvetia decided to introduce an automated, conversational agent.


Claims management is very complex because of the underlying business processes. Therefore, multi-turn conversations are necessary that are able to fully integrate into backend systems or work in combination with RPA. For data privacy reasons, an on-premise hosting was required.


Helvetia was able to solve those challenges with Rasa Platform and introduced a messaging bot that automates the claims management process for bike thefts, including authentication and payments using RPA. Important milestones in the development were:

  1. Data analysis from claims department

  2. Design of conversational flow including user authentication and anti fraud systems

  3. Integration into CRM and payment systems using RPA

  4. User testing and training data generation with real customers

Next Steps

After this successful implementation, further roll out to more use cases are planned.

A demo of the Rasa integration

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