More time for your employees to get important stuff done

Rasa gives you the tools to automate internal processes in HR, Finance and more. Give your legacy systems a natural language interface that saves time for everyone.

Case Study

Massively reducing costs and increasing customer happiness by introducing an AI-powered IT helpdesk with own natural language model


The IT helpdesk of a major American enterprise receives a huge number of technical questions each day. Around 70% of those are repetitive. Response times tend to be in the days and stop employees from achieving their tasks faster.


Most of the questions include a lot of technical and company-specific terms which are hard to pick up for SaaS-based NLU systems. Furthermore, these interactions include sensitive data and cannot leave the organization due to data regulations and compliance.


The company deployed a conversational AI system on-prem using the Rasa Platform. Having thousands of historic chat logs, the company was able to train their own, domain-specific language model which increased the accuracy significantly. The conversational AI reduced the response time by 50% and increased the job satisfaction of IT helpdesk staff and employees.

Next Steps

The solution will now be introduced to all departments within the company, handling thousands of requests each week.

A demo of the Rasa integration

Bots and Digital Assistants for your industry

Rasa is built to make your employees more efficient and works in the enterprise IT landscape

Your employees can simply ask for what they want

Internal systems are usually hard to use. Let your employees express what they want in natural language and save them time.

Handle complex conversations

Conversations between humans are rarely one question and one answer. Rasa's advanced dialogue management is based on machine learning and allows for smarter conversations.

Integrates into your legacy systems

Rasa seamlessly integrates with your existing systems like SAP or Oracle.

Maximum data privacy and security

Deploy Rasa on-prem or on your private cloud and keep your employee's data secure.

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