Transforming customer interactions with AI assistants

Helvetia uses AI assistants to create customer-centric experiences in sales, marketing and customer service

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The Challenge

The insurance industry is changing rapidly as new insurtech players enter the market. Customers tend to spend less time on traditional channels, instead preferring to interact with companies on familiar apps like Facebook Messenger.

To maintain their position, established insurance players like Helvetia must renew their investment in customer-centric experiences throughout the customer journey, from selling insurance policies to handling claims processes.

The Solution

Helvetia used AI-powered assistants to engage with new channels like Facebook Messenger and SMS, leapfrogging their competitors. Helvetia created a tight-knit product team and used a lean approach to validate their hypotheses with use cases in sales, marketing and customer service.

Helvetia chose Rasa’s machine learning based dialogue management to achieve the best quality automated conversations for their customers. Rasa’s on-prem deployment protects customer data. Helvetia also benefits from the ability to keep strategically important training data and AI models in-house.

The Results

Across multiple use cases, a few key results stand out. When applied to the task of selling insurance policies, the AI assistant’s conversion rate was more than 30%, with increased customer satisfaction and decreased costs. Moreover, Helvetia reached full end-to-end automation for the process of filing claims for bicycle thefts. Consequently, the company has decided to invest significantly in a product team dedicated to building over 20 use cases in-house with Rasa's leading AI assistant toolset.

AI assistants are one building block of how we will interact with our customers in the future. The early results with Rasa's AI technology have been fantastic and that's why we made a significant investment and decided to build a team dedicated to conversational AI.

Florian Nägele, Head Omnichannel & Touchpoint Management at Helvetia

Industry: Insurance

Location: St. Gallen, Switzerland

Employees: 6,500

Revenue: $8.95 billion

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