Warning: This document is for an old version of Rasa X.

Connect a Live Rasa Deployment

Users with an existing production Rasa deployment can deploy Rasa X on a separate system and direct the Rasa server to forward events to Rasa X. This configuration allows Rasa X to monitor conversations taking place in the production environment without modifying the deployment architecture.

To use this configuration, events on the Rasa production environment are forwarded to the Rasa X event broker. RabbitMQ is used as the message broker for Rasa X, so we will use the Pika Python configuration in the Rasa endpoints.yml.

These instructions assume Rasa and Rasa X are deployed and running on two separate systems.

Rasa X Configuration

There are no configuration changes required on the Rasa X server. However, we will need to gather details from the RabbitMQ event broker. In the Rasa X installation directory, /etc/rasa by default, you will find a .env file.

From that file, copy the RABBITMQ_PASSWORD, RABBITMQ_USERNAME and RABBITMQ_QUEUE values. We will need these when configuring the event broker on the Rasa server.

Rasa Configuration

On the Rasa server, configure Rasa to forward messages to the Rasa X event broker. The configuration is done in the endpoints.yml file which can be found in the Rasa project directory.

Create a block in the endpoints.yml file as shown below:.

  type: "pika"
  username: ${RABBITMQ_USERNAME}
  password: ${RABBITMQ_PASSWORD}
  queue: ${RABBITMQ_QUEUE}

Next, edit the .env and add the values that were copied from the Rasa X server as well as the url of your Rasa X server.


Once you’ve updated the environment variables, restart the Rasa server.

If verbose logging is on using the --debug option, you should see the following messages in the Rasa logs indicating that messages are being forwarded to Rasa X:

rasa-production_1  | 2020-01-13 13:18:17 DEBUG    rasa.core.brokers.pika  - RabbitMQ connection to 'rasax.mydomain.com' was established.
rasa-production_1  | 2020-01-13 13:20:52 DEBUG    rasa.core.brokers.pika  - Published Pika events to queue 'rasa_production_events' on host 'rasax.mydomain.com':

You can now log into Rasa X and view conversations from your users as they come in. For further information on what to do with them, check out Review Conversations and Improve Assistant