Warning: This document is for an old version of Rasa X. The latest version is 0.32.5.

Improve your contextual assistant with Rasa X

To build great conversational AI, you need to improve your assistant based on real conversations. You can’t anticipate how users will talk to your assistant, so there is no substitute for learning from their conversations as soon as possible.


Rasa X is a toolset that helps you leverage conversations to improve your assistant. As soon as you have built a minimum viable assistant, one that can handle the most important happy path stories, Rasa X helps take it to the next level.

Rasa X

  • layers on top of Rasa Open Source and helps you build a better assistant

  • is a free, closed source toolset available to all developers

  • can be deployed anywhere, so your training data stays secure and proprietary

So, what can you do with Rasa X?


1. Enable workflows: easily capture conversations with your assistant

Chat with your assistant or share it with test and real users to collect conversations.

2. Review conversations: filter and tag conversations to figure out what to do next

Once you start collecting a lot of conversations, it can be difficult to process every conversation. With Rasa X, you can filter and tag conversations to focus on the problems most likely to need your attention.

3. Improve assistant: continually update your assistant in Rasa X and on the command line

As part of the Rasa X server setup, you can connect your server to a remote Git repository: