Warning: This document is for an old version of Rasa. The latest version is 1.10.7.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Setup

You first need to set up a facebook page and app to get credentials to connect to Facebook Messenger. Once you have them you can add these to your credentials.yml.

Getting Credentials

How to get the Facebook credentials: You need to set up a Facebook app and a page.

  1. To create the app head over to Facebook for Developers and click on My AppsAdd New App.

  2. Go onto the dashboard for the app and under Products, find the Messenger section and click Set Up. Scroll down to Token Generation and click on the link to create a new page for your app.

  3. Create your page and select it in the dropdown menu for the Token Generation. The shown Page Access Token is the page-access-token needed later on.

  4. Locate the App Secret in the app dashboard under SettingsBasic. This will be your secret.

  5. Use the collected secret and page-access-token in your credentials.yml, and add a field called verify containing a string of your choice. Start rasa run with the --credentials credentials.yml option.

  6. Set up a Webhook and select at least the messaging and messaging_postback subscriptions. Insert your callback URL which will look like https://<YOUR_HOST>/webhooks/facebook/webhook. Insert the Verify Token which has to match the verify entry in your credentials.yml.

For more detailed steps, visit the Messenger docs.

Running On Facebook Messenger

If you want to connect to Facebook using the run script, e.g. using:

rasa run

you need to supply a credentials.yml with the following content:

  verify: "rasa-bot"
  secret: "3e34709d01ea89032asdebfe5a74518"
  page-access-token: "EAAbHPa7H9rEBAAuFk4Q3gPKbDedQnx4djJJ1JmQ7CAqO4iJKrQcNT0wtD"

The endpoint for receiving Facebook messenger messages is http://localhost:5005/webhooks/facebook/webhook, replacing the host and port with the appropriate values. This is the URL you should add in the configuration of the webhook.