Warning: This document is for an old version of Rasa. The latest version is 1.10.8.

Messaging and Voice Channels

If you’re testing this on your local computer (i.e. not a server), you will need to use ngrok. This gives your machine a domain name so that Facebook, Slack, etc. know where to send messages to reach your local machine.

To make your assistant available on a messaging platform you need to provide credentials in a credentials.yml file. An example file is created when you run rasa init, so it’s easiest to edit that file and add your credentials there. Here is an example with Facebook credentials:

  verify: "rasa-bot"
  secret: "3e34709d01ea89032asdebfe5a74518"
  page-access-token: "EAAbHPa7H9rEBAAuFk4Q3gPKbDedQnx4djJJ1JmQ7CAqO4iJKrQcNT0wtD"

Learn how to make your assistant available on: