This is documentation for Rasa Open Source Documentation v2.0.x, which is no longer actively maintained.
For up-to-date documentation, see the latest version (2.6.x).

Version: 2.0.x


TempDirectoryPath Objects

class TempDirectoryPath(str)

Represents a path to an temporary directory. When used as a context manager, it erases the contents of the directory on exit.


read_global_config(path: Text) -> Dict[Text, Any]

Read global Rasa configuration.


  • path - Path to the configuration


The global configuration


set_log_level(log_level: Optional[int] = None)

Set log level of Rasa and Tensorflow either to the provided log level or to the log level specified in the environment variable 'LOG_LEVEL'. If none is set a default log level will be used.


update_tensorflow_log_level() -> None

Set the log level of Tensorflow to the log level specified in the environment variable 'LOG_LEVEL_LIBRARIES'.


update_sanic_log_level(log_file: Optional[Text] = None)

Set the log level of sanic loggers to the log level specified in the environment variable 'LOG_LEVEL_LIBRARIES'.


update_asyncio_log_level() -> None

Set the log level of asyncio to the log level specified in the environment variable 'LOG_LEVEL_LIBRARIES'.


update_matplotlib_log_level() -> None

Set the log level of matplotlib to the log level specified in the environment variable 'LOG_LEVEL_LIBRARIES'.


set_log_and_warnings_filters() -> None

Set log filters on the root logger, and duplicate filters for warnings.

Filters only propagate on handlers, not loggers.


obtain_verbosity() -> int

Returns a verbosity level according to the set log level.


sort_list_of_dicts_by_first_key(dicts: List[Dict]) -> List[Dict]

Sorts a list of dictionaries by their first key.


write_global_config_value(name: Text, value: Any) -> bool

Read global Rasa configuration.


  • name - Name of the configuration key
  • value - Value the configuration key should be set to


True if the operation was successful.


read_global_config_value(name: Text, unavailable_ok: bool = True) -> Any

Read a value from the global Rasa configuration.


update_existing_keys(original: Dict[Any, Any], updates: Dict[Any, Any]) -> Dict[Any, Any]

Iterate through all the updates and update a value in the original dictionary.

If the updates contain a key that is not present in the original dict, it will be ignored.

RepeatedLogFilter Objects

class RepeatedLogFilter(logging.Filter)

Filter repeated log records.


run_in_loop(f: Coroutine[Any, Any, T], loop: Optional[asyncio.AbstractEventLoop] = None) -> T

Execute the awaitable in the passed loop.

If no loop is passed, the currently existing one is used or a new one is created if no loop has been started in the current context.

After the awaitable is finished, all remaining tasks on the loop will be awaited as well (background tasks).

WARNING: don't use this if there are never ending background tasks scheduled. in this case, this function will never return.


  • f - function to execute
  • loop - loop to use for the execution


return value from the function