This is documentation for Rasa Open Source Documentation v2.4.x, which is no longer actively maintained.
For up-to-date documentation, see the latest version (2.6.x).

Version: 2.4.x



read_endpoint_config(filename: Text, endpoint_type: Text) -> Optional["EndpointConfig"]

Read an endpoint configuration file from disk and extract one



concat_url(base: Text, subpath: Optional[Text]) -> Text

Append a subpath to a base url.

Strips leading slashes from the subpath if necessary. This behaves differently than urlparse.urljoin and will not treat the subpath as a base url if it starts with / but will always append it to the base.


  • base - Base URL.
  • subpath - Optional path to append to the base URL.


Concatenated URL with base and subpath.

EndpointConfig Objects

class EndpointConfig()

Configuration for an external HTTP endpoint.


| async request(method: Text = "post", subpath: Optional[Text] = None, content_type: Optional[Text] = "application/json", **kwargs: Any, ,) -> Optional[Any]

Send a HTTP request to the endpoint. Return json response, if available.

All additional arguments will get passed through to aiohttp's session.request.


bool_arg(request: Request, name: Text, default: bool = True) -> bool

Return a passed boolean argument of the request or a default.

Checks the name parameter of the request if it contains a valid boolean value. If not, default is returned.


float_arg(request: Request, key: Text, default: Optional[float] = None) -> Optional[float]

Return a passed argument cast as a float or None.

Checks the name parameter of the request if it contains a valid float value. If not, None is returned.