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Version: Main/Unreleased

Set up a Local Cluster using Rasa Ephemeral Installer (REI)


Are you unfamiliar with Docker, Kubernetes and Helm? Check out "Understanding Rasa Deployments" on our YouTube channel.

If you would like to deploy Rasa Assistant using the Rasa OSS Helm chart on your machine, you can use Rasa Ephemeral Installer which installs all tools and creates a local Kubernetes cluster that allows you to use the Rasa OSS Helm chart.

We recommend this method as an alternative to docker-compose.

Create a local Kubernetes cluster via REI

The Rasa Ephemeral Install installs the following tools and creates a local Kubernetes cluster using kind.

Tools installed by REI:

  1. Simply execute the following command.

    curl -O && bash -y

    After a few minutes, all components should be installed and a local Kubernetes cluster created.


    You can use the kubectl cluster-info to verify if all is good.

Next steps

Follow the Kubernetes instructions for deploying using the Rasa Helm Chart.