Version: 3.x



def strategy_all(keys: List[Text], count: int) -> Iterable[Text]

Selects all keys from the set of keys.


def strategy_first_n(keys: List[Text], count: int) -> Iterable[Text]

Takes the first N keys from the set of keys.


def strategy_sample_n(keys: List[Text], count: int) -> Iterable[Text]

Samples N unique keys from the set of keys.

MarkerTrackerLoader Objects

class MarkerTrackerLoader()

Represents a wrapper over a TrackerStore with a configurable access pattern.


def __init__(tracker_store: TrackerStore,
strategy: str,
count: int = None,
seed: Any = None) -> None

Creates a MarkerTrackerLoader.


  • tracker_store - The underlying tracker store to access.
  • strategy - The strategy to use for selecting trackers, can be 'all', 'sample_n', or 'first_n'.
  • count - Number of trackers to return, can only be None if strategy is 'all'.
  • seed - Optional seed to set up random number generator, only useful if strategy is 'sample_n'.


async def load() -> AsyncIterator[Optional[DialogueStateTracker]]

Loads trackers according to strategy.