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What is Rasa Open Source?

Rasa Open Source supplies the building blocks for creating virtual assistants. Use Rasa to automate human-to-computer interactions anywhere from websites to social media platforms.

Rasa Open Source provides three main functions. Together, they provide everything you need to build a virtual assistant:

Natural Language Understanding

Convert raw text from user messages into structured data. Parse the user’s intent and extract important key details.

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Dialogue Management

Machine learning-powered dialogue management decides what the assistant should do next, based on the user’s message and context from the conversation.

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Built-in integration points for over 10 messaging channels, plus endpoints to connect with databases, APIs, and other data sources.

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Supported by a global community of makers

Built by the community, for the community, Rasa Open Source has been downloaded over 10 million times. Rasa contributors offer code contributions, create tutorials, and answer questions in the Rasa forum. Our community is friendly, knowledgeable, and includes folks across experience levels.




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Why open source conversational AI?

We believe that by sharing ideas and technology, we can build better conversational AI. In doing so, we empower all developers to solve pressing challenges using machine learning.


Too often, conversational AI providers offer black-box solutions that hide their inner workings. Teams using these solutions have limited control over the system’s behavior. Rasa Open Source removes the black box and gives developers full access to their training pipeline, their model, and the code that powers it.


Working in the open allows us to squash bugs, iterate quickly, and channel the expertise of tens of thousands of developers. We share what we’re working on to collect feedback, and we encourage experimentation. Success means taking an idea from research hypothesis to product feature in weeks, not years.


We believe developers shouldn’t be held back by restrictive, proprietary tooling. An open source approach allows developers to modify the framework to fit their needs, adding new capabilities and unlocking new use cases.

Try it, build it, scale it

See how it works, by checking out our Rasa Open Source installation guide.