Rasa Core

Handle contextual conversations with our open-source machine learning framework for dialogue management

Manage back-and-forth dialogues with machine learning and let it improve with every conversation

Rasa Core is an open source chatbot framework to handle contextual conversations. Move beyond simple Q&A pairs and rigid decision trees. Its advanced dialogue management is based on ML and allows for smarter conversations and makes scaling easier.

Advanced ML technology

Rasa Core is the only open source bot framework on the market that allows for more sophisticated dialogue, trained using interactive and supervised machine learning.

Latest Research Integrated

We collaborate with leading university research groups who use Rasa to bring state of the art approaches to all developers.

Open Source

Rasa is an open source framework keeping important data and insights within your organization. It runs on an Apache 2.0 licence. So you can also use it commercial projects.

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Our paid Rasa Platform subscriptions unlock a powerful set of APIs and an intuitive user interface, along with our extensive customer success program.

A diagram showing APIs and user interface from Rasa Platform connecting to the open source Stack