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All the machine learning libraries you need to build contextual AI assistants and chatbots that go beyond simple questions. Open source natural language processing and dialogue management that is supported by thousands of community members.

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Rasa Stack for NLU and dialogue management is used by thousands of developers - from the Fortune 500 to startups

A diagram showing end to end integration of the open source Rasa Stack with backend systems

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Manage Contextual Conversations

Forget state machines and AI assistants set with rigid rules; create smarter dialogue with machine learning based Rasa Core. Use Rasa’s open source chatbot framework for context and dialogue management to learn from real conversations, improving performance without complicating your code.

Diagram of an AI assistant conversation with next predictated action by machine learning dialogue manager Rasa Core
An illustration showing example confidence scores for recognising different messages using Rasa's open source NLU

Recognize Intents

Understand the meaning of a sentence in dozens of natural languages. For advanced use cases, train custom language models for even better performance - all using open source NLU.

Extract Entities

Get valuable, structured data like dates, addresses and phone numbers from free text. Save time and reduce training data burden by relying on built-in, pre-trained entities using Rasa NLU.

An illustration showing open source entity extraction like date, address or numbers from text messages as structured data using Rasa NLU

Full Data Control

Data is your competitive edge. Don’t send your valuable training data to third party APIs. Remain independent: deploy on-prem or in a private cloud.

Connect Your APIs

Bring chatbot conversations into the real world by integrating Rasa Core with your APIs, pulling and pushing data to your enterprise backend systems. Pick a standard connector to messaging channels like Facebook, Slack or Telegram for your bot or simply add your own.

An illustration showing connecting databases and backend systems to customise your AI Assistant

Custom Models

Fine-tune our open source machine learning models for chatbots, or customize to your own models and domain for peak performance.

Why leading developers love Rasa

Build your own AI assistant in-house!

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Want to supercharge your development?

Our paid Rasa Platform subscriptions unlock a powerful set of APIs and an intuitive user interface, along with our extensive customer success program.

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