Rasa Summit aims to be an accessible and inclusive conference thus following the rules of our open source community.

Accessibility is a sophisticated subject and we understand that each person might have their own individual and unique needs. The following information aims to set a standard to act upon.

Support Person

Any assistant personnel accompanying you won’t need to purchase an additional conference ticket. We just need to know they’ll be attending, please let us know.

A support person is necessary to protect the health and safety of the person with impairments/disabilities during the travel and/or events.


The location for Rasa Summit in 2019 will be Gallery 308 in San Francisco, USA. It is an older hall close to the piers in the marina district that encompasses 350 square meters. The hall is separated into one main stage including seating separate spaces for eating and working as well as a registration area. The entire event location has clear labelling and information on how to find everything you need.

Access to wheelchair users and for people with reduced mobility

We'll visit the venue before to make sure the event is well accessible to people with reduced mobility and wheelchair users. The venue layout is planned in such a way that there are enough places for seating around the location. In that way, each individual trip can be made short.

Live captioning and sign language

We currently do not offer any dedicated real-time presentation captioning or sign language interpretation at the moment, but we are open to discussing options with anyone who makes this a requirement for attendance. Please get in touch.


Parents are welcome to bring your children 3 years or older. Please indicate if you are planning to use our childcare services in the survey which will be emailed to you after ticket purchase. Otherwise, we can not guarantee availability.

If you have any things you want to discuss and clear beforehand, please get in touch at

Get in touch

If you are interested in Rasa Summit and have any open questions about accessibility, or a suggestion for improving our guidelines, please get in touch.