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Making conversational AI software better one contribution at a time

Why contribute?

As an open source product, Rasa thrives from contributions of community members. Whatever your skill set is, there is a lot you can do to help us make Rasa better!

Not sure where to start?

It's a myth that writing code is the only way to contribute to open source. The Rasa community is open to new ideas and there are so many different ways to make valuable contributions. We have some ideas of how you can get started!

Contribute Code

  • Check out GitHub issues with the tags Good first issue or Help needed
  • Write code examples for documentation
  • Report a bug and work on resolving it
  • Collaborate with others on building new features

Start contributing on Github!

Contribute Support

  • Fix typos in documentation
  • Translate documentation to your local language
  • Write tutorials and blog posts
  • Answer questions on the Rasa Community Forum or Github issues
  • Organize Rasa meetups or user groups in your area

Want to learn more?

Rasa Heroes

Rasa Heroes are community members who go an extra mile in making significant contributions to our open source software and community. Perks of being a Rasa Hero:

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