Become a Rasa Contributor

Making conversational AI software better one contribution at a time

Community is the core of what we do at Rasa. Therefore, it's important for us to create a space where people of different backgrounds and skills can find ways to get involved. The Rasa Contributor program is designed to inspire our community members to contribute to open source and recognise efforts and achievements within the community.

Rasa Contributor Program

The Rasa Contributor program consists of four stages, each based on different levels of involvement and each with a bunch of different perks:


Who are they?

Contributors are community members who help us improve the Rasa software by contributing to Rasa codebase or developer resources.

How to get recognised

  • Get your pull request merged to the Rasa codebase
  • Write a tutorial on Rasa and submit it to
  • Answer community questions on the forum and get them approved as ‘Solutions’


Exclusive contributor merch and a special badge on the community forum. You will also be able to tell the world that you have officially become a contributor to an open source project!


Who are they?

Rasa Heroes are experienced Rasa contributors who have made multiple high-quality contributions and champion Rasa within other communities.

How to get recognised

  • Make multiple code contributions
  • Write a blog series on Rasa
  • Give a talk on Rasa at a meetup
  • Or be a champion at helping the community on the Rasa community forum!


Exclusive Rasa Hero merch, access to Rasa Heroes group on the Rasa Community Forum, special badge on the forum, support for your projects and community initiatives and more!


Who are they?

Rasa Superheroes are Rasa community leaders who grow Rasa community in their local area and bring people interested in conversational AI together.

How to get recognised

  • Organize a Rasa user group meetup
  • Manage local Rasa community online
  • Give a technical talk on Rasa at the conference
  • Or build impressive projects with Rasa and submit them at


Exclusive Rasa Superhero merch, special badge on the Rasa Community Forum, a chance to become a writer on the Rasa blog, a chance to be featured on the Rasa website, support and perks for your local Rasa community.

We believe that there are lots of different ways to contribute to the open source projects and it would probably be impossible to list them all. That’s why we would love to know about your contributions regardless of whether or not they were mentioned in the program, and most importantly - recognise them. Let us know how you contribute to the Rasa community by sending us a message at!

Not sure where to get started?

Contributing to open source goes beyond writing code. There are lots of different ways how you can help our growing community. Here are some ideas of how you can get started:


  • Work on Github issues with the tagsGood first issue or Help needed
  • Write code examples for documentation
  • Report a bug and work on resolving it
  • Collaborate with others on building new features

Start contributing on Github!


  • Write tutorials and blog posts
  • Organize Rasa meetups or user groups in your area
  • Translate documentation to your local language
  • Answer questions on the Rasa Community Forum

Need help or want to learn more?