Open source tools to build contextual AI assistants

A powerful open source machine learning framework for developers to create contextual chatbots and assistants. Supported by thousands of community members.

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Open source AI assistant tools that support context in conversation to effectively engage with your customers

Handle contextual conversations with deep learning instead of hand-crafted rules

Open source and fully customisable, designed for the enterprise IT landscape

Cutting-edge machine learning technology ensuring the best available customer experience

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A diagram showing end to end integration of the open source Rasa Stack with backend systems

Rasa Stack

Open source for developers to power contextual AI assistants, trusted by the Fortune 500

Handle contextual, back-and-forth conversations with interactive machine learning instead of hand-crafting rules. Understand your customer's intent and extract entities with state of the art NLU.

Rasa Platform

Build and train together with your team, faster than ever

Power up your team with Rasa Platform. Unlock a powerful set of APIs and an intuitive user interface, along with our extensive customer success program.

A diagram showing APIs and user interface from Rasa Platform connecting to the open source Stack
A screenshot of an example conversation between a lead generation AI assistant and insurance customer

Customer Stories

Our AI assistant collaboration led to a 30% conversion rate in sales of insurance policies via text message through automated dialogues

Helvetia, a leading Swiss insurance company, sought to reduce the costs incurred through human agents while improving customer acquisition rates.

Using Rasa’s unique contextual dialogue AI, Helvetia established a system of end-to-end automation which successfully integrated contextual conversations into the customer acquisition process.

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