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Machine learning powered by open source

Rasa Open Source is a machine learning framework to automate text- and voice-based assistants.


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Dialogue management driven by machine learning

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Multiple integration and channel options

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  • Lemonade
  • N26
  • Adobe
  • Orange

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What they’re saying

Jitesh Gaikwad

@GaikwadJitesh · Nov 20
Perks of being a Rasa Hero. Thanks @Rasa_HQ for sending this. 😊
#Rasa #Chatbots

Eidan Rosado

@ejrosado9 · Nov 17
Awesome session by @alexweidauer from @Rasa_HQ! Looking forward to the conversational UI talk by @gabennett45 from @salesforce 😀

#chatbotconference #chatbotconferenceonline #chatbotlife
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