Getting Started with Rasa

1: What is Rasa?

Rasa is an open source machine learning framework for building contextual AI assistants and chatbots.

Rasa has two main modules:

  • NLU for understanding user messages in natural language and extracting useful information from the text
  • Core for holding conversations and deciding what to do next

Rasa X is a tool that is designed for production use that helps you build, improve, and deploy AI assistants that are powered by the Rasa framework. Rasa X comes with both a user interface as well as a REST API that allows you to integrate it into your development workflow.


2: Try Rasa

To create your first Rasa project, copy the two commands in the cell below and run them in your terminal.

The first command installs Rasa and Rasa X onto your system.

The second command rasa init then creates a sample Rasa project in your current directory. This includes some sample training data and the required configuration files to get you started. The command also automatically trains your first model using this data and invites you to speak to the trained assistant.

$ pip install rasa-x --extra-index-url
$ rasa init

3: Improve assistants faster with Rasa X

Rasa X provides you with an user interface where you can view and annotate real conversations, get feedback from testers, version and manage models and much more.

Run the cell below to start a demo of Rasa X where you can get an idea of how it works. After a few seconds, you will see a button that opens your Rasa X UI. This demo already has a few conversations between the user and the bot included for you to annotate.

rasa x

Note: This is just a demo and not a hosted version of Rasa X. Once you close the window, any changes you have made will be lost!

4: Join the Community

The Rasa community is a friendly, diverse group of makers and conversational AI enthusiasts. A lot of us hang out in the forum to answer each other’s questions:

You can get involved with the Rasa community in many ways: Show your support by giving Rasa a star: Star