This is documentation for Rasa X/Enterprise Documentation v1.1.x, which is no longer actively maintained.
For up-to-date documentation, see the latest version (1.4.x).

Version: 1.1.x

Upgrading Rasa Enterprise Versions

To see which version of Rasa Enterprise you are currently running, hit the /version endpoint:


To update to a newer version, update the tag values for all Rasa Enterprise and Rasa Open Source services, then follow the instructions for making changes to a deployment. If you're running the event service and database migration service separately from the rasa-x service, make sure to update the version for all three services.

For example:

tag: "1.1.3"
tag: "1.1.3"
tag: "1.1.3"
# ...
tag: "<Rasa OS version>-full"

You can get the latest Rasa Open Source version from the bottom left corner in the Rasa Open Source Docs. Check the compatibility matrix and choose a Rasa Open Source version compatible with the Rasa Enterprise version you are upgrading to.