This is documentation for Rasa X/Enterprise Documentation v1.2.x, which is no longer actively maintained.
For up-to-date documentation, see the latest version (1.4.x).

Version: 1.2.x

Configure the Subcharts

Rasa Enterprise builds on existing charts for postgresql, rabbitmq, and redis. To see all configuration values please check the READMEs of the subcharts. The Rasa Enterprise chart contains a link to the used chart versions and their READMEs in its values file.

If you don’t want to use the subcharts and decide to provide your own deployments, you can disable the subchart usage through the Rasa Enterprise values file. E.g. to skip installing the postgresql subchart specify this in your override file:

install: false

Additionally you have to provide the connection details of your external instances and the required credentials. For postgresql this would e.g. be:

install: false
existingHost: "<host of your postgres instance>"
existingSecretKey: "<key to get the password from the secret>"
existingSecret: "<name of the secret which contains the database password>"
servicePort: <port which should be used to connect>
postgresqlDatabase: "<name of the database which should be used>"
postgresqlUsername: "<username which should be used to connect>"