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February 10-12, 2021 | Online

Rasa Summit 2021

A three-day virtual event full of conversation-driven development, Rasa, and making better contextual assistants. Two days of optional pre-conference workshops, to level up your Rasa skills!

What to expect

  • Keynotes on Conversational AI

  • Latest research

  • Case studies of in-production Rasa assistants

  • Hands-on co-coding project sessions, accessible to everyone


    The Rasa Summit sessions are designed to accommodate as many time zones as possible.

    In addition, Rasa will host optional pre-conference workshops before the Summit, for beginners through advanced developers.

    DayTimes UTCActivities
    Monday, 8th February16:00 - 19:00Rasa Workshops
    Tuesday, 9th February16:00 - 19:00Rasa Workshops
    Wednesday, 10th February16:00 - 19:00Rasa Summit Sessions
    Thursday, 11th February16:00 - 19:00Rasa Summit Sessions
    Friday, 12th February16:00 - 19:00Rasa Summit Sessions

    Do you want to speak at RDS?

    We're looking for speakers! If you have something to share on the following topics, please let us know!

    • Using conversation-driven development to improve your assistant

    • Research, tools, and services needed to build great contextual assistants

    • Lessons learned getting contextual assistants into production

    • How to leverage the latest research in ML and NLP

    • Creative and innovative projects using Rasa

    Featured Speakers

    Akela Drissner

    Head of Customer Success Engineering,

    Dr. Alan Nichol

    Co-Founder & CTO,

    Tom Bocklisch

    Director of Engineering,

    Mady Mantha

    Senior Technical Evangelist,

    Alex Weidauer

    Co-Founder & CEO,

    Dr. Rachael Tatman

    Senior Developer Advocate,

    Cobus Greyling

    Chapter Lead for TOBi Chatbot Conversation Design,

      Why Attend

      • Learn the latest from the best thinkers in conversational AI. See last year's Summit talks.

      • Hands-on, co-coding sessions, designed for everyone from developers to conversational designers to technical product people

      • Cutting edge research in NLP, machine learning for dialogue, and conversational AI

      • Option to level up your skill set with Rasa workshops, from beginner through advanced


        Optional workshops following the Summit, to build skills in Rasa & conversational AI

        • Ready to get deep in to Rasa, and get a Rasa certification?

          Rasa Certification Workshop

          Learn to build a Rasa bot from beginning to end in this technical, hands-on workshop. Option to test into a Rasa Certification.

        • Already certified, and want to learn more?

          Rasa Advanced Workshop

          Covering customizing and tuning the NLP pipeline, custom actions, forms, & responses. Intended for those who've completed the Rasa Certification Workshop.

        • Deep into bots, but not a developer?

          Rasa for conversation designers & product people

          Learn how to build better conversational AI with Rasa Open Source and Rasa X, using the latest CDD techniques and leveraging the latest in research. We won't be writing python, but this course will cover all the technical details of building a better, level 3 contextual assistant.

          Register for the Rasa Summit 2021

          The conference - although virtual - will be designed to build community, to give everyone the opportunity to learn and network with each other.

          • Rasa Summit

            • 3 days of sessions on Conversational AI, NLP/NLU, machine learning, research, and practical applications of bots
            • Coupon for exclusive Rasa Summit conference merch
          • Rasa Summit + Pre-Summit Workshops

            Everything in the Summit plus the pre-conference workshops

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