Rasa provides the standard infrastructure layer for conversational AI

At Rasa, we're building the standard infrastructure for conversational AI. With over 2m downloads since launch, our open source tools are loved by developers worldwide, and Rasa runs in production everywhere from startups to Fortune 500s.

Our friendly community is growing fast, with developers from all over the world learning from each other and working together to make text- and voice-based AI assistants better. To date, we've had more than 300 people contribute to Rasa.

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Hi, we’re the Rasa Team 👋

Dr. Johannes Mosig

Machine Learning Researcher

Tobias Wochinger

Software Engineer

Tanja Bunk

Machine Learning Engineer

Kasey Byrne

VP Marketing

Rachael Tatman

Senior Developer Advocate

Dr. Alan Nichol

Co-Founder & CTO

Dr. Thomas Kober

Machine Learning Researcher

Alexander Pantiukhov

Software Engineer

Philipp Wolf

Head of Business Development

Karen White

Developer Marketing Manager

Mady Mantha

Senior Evangelist

Viktoria Klianeva

Organisational Development Coordination

Arjaan Buijk

Solutions Engineer

John Doering

Account Executive

Justina Petraitytė

Head of Developer Relations

Emma Brownbill

Frontend Engineer

Geoff Burne

Enterprise Account Executive

Alex Weidauer

Co-Founder & CEO

Dominik Rosenkranz

Sales Development Representative

Emma Jade Wightman

Community Manager

Tom Bocklisch

Head of Engineering

Dr. Vladimir Vlasov

Senior Machine Learning Researcher

Linda Schuster

Director of Operations

Ty Dunn

Product Manager

Sarah Rose

People Manager

Christina Koß

Working Student - Software Engineering

Rajesh Guleria

Office Manager

Andreas Stange

Enterprise Account Executive

Anuka Pokharel

Talent Acquisition Manager

Ed Macovaz

Senior Product Designer

Alexander Khizov

Senior Software Engineer

Kamilė Pranskūnaitė

Team Assistant

Vincent Warmerdam

Research Advocate

Ella Rohm-Ensing

Solutions Engineer

Samantha Gardner

Senior Customer Success Manager

Melinda Loubser

Solutions Engineer

Mark Jacob

Frontend Engineer

Akela Drissner

Head of Customer Success Engineering

Federico Tedin

Software Engineer

Abhilasha Roy

Senior Product Designer

Greg Stephens

Senior Solutions Engineer

Liam Morley

Talent Acquisition Lead

Daksh Varshneya

Machine Learning Researcher

Sam Gaus

Senior Software Engineer

Elise Boyd

Senior Growth Designer

Salah Eddine Cherkaoui

Frontend Engineer

Stacee Ballback

Growth Marketing Manager

Our Offices

San Francisco

845 Market St, Suite 450
San Francisco, CA 94103


Schönhauser Allee 175
10119 Berlin

Our Investors

Matthaus Krzykowski

Salisbury Ventures

Robin Vasan

Mango Capital

Florian Leibert

Founder @ Mesosphere

Alex Rinke

Co-founder & Co-CEO @ Celonis

Ross Mason

Founder @ MuleSoft

Mitchell Hashimoto

Founder & CTO @ Hashicorp

Greg Brockman

Co-founder & CTO @ OpenAI

John Newton

Founder & CTO @ Alfresco

Paul Dix

Co-founder & CTO @ InfluxData

Daniel Dines

Founder & CEO @ UI Path

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