Where does Rasa Developer Summit take place?

Rasa Developer Summit 2019 is a full day event for developers and members of our Rasa Community. It’s the main event to get to know fellow community members and share experiences and learnings. The first edition took place in Berlin in September 2018 with about 200 people joining in. This year’s event is hosted in San Francisco.

Why you should join

The event is packed with exciting conversations with fellow Rasa community members about their projects and learnings from real life production cases from prominent companies. Plus, there’s the after party to make even more connections in a fun informal setting.

Event Agenda

The event takes place Tuesday, September 24th, 2019 at Gallery 308, with doors at 9am. We have 10 sessions with speakers in a single track. Between presentations, there is room and time for conversations with speakers and fellow community members.

At around 5pm we have an open bar to celebrate with you post-event in an informal setting.

Are there any other conversational AI events happening?

Bot Week is happening for the first time. Join more events like Chatbot Conference for the latest updates and developments in the industry of conversational AI.

Use the code RASA to get $100 off a conference ticket, or RasaWorkshop to save $50 on a workshop.

Justify your trip

Of course you want to come to Rasa Developer Summit 2019, but need to convince your manager? This email template helps you communicate the value you’ll gain from attending:

Hi {name},

Rasa Developer Summit 2019, the largest Rasa community event of the year, is taking place in San Francisco on September 24, 2019 and I’d like to get your approval to go.

By attending this conference, I have the valuable opportunity to:
- Continue building my technical knowledge in the space of Rasa Stack and conversational AI;
- Learn best practices from teams that share their learnings and success stories from real life production use cases ;
- Build new relationships with other developers in the Rasa community;
- Connect directly with the team who develops Rasa Stack;
- Get more insights into the roadmap of Rasa and the research in the conversational AI space.

I believe all of this will help us in our development of {project} and I’m happy to share my insights after the event with our team to increase development speed.

To participate in the event, I estimate a total budget of $ {cost}, which includes event registration, travel costs and accommodation.

Looking forward to your reply,