Rasa Developer Summit brings our global open source community together, in one place, for a full day to share experiences and learnings from real life production projects on how to build the best AI assistants.

We are grateful and pleased to have both enterprise and community present their projects and share their success stories with Rasa at Rasa Developer Summit 2019. We also have some of the leading researchers that will offer their latest research insights in NLU and dialogue management.

Technical Deep Dive

The deep dive sessions go into the technical details of our open source framework. You will learn about custom components or fine tuning the NLU pipeline. Speakers are encouraged to show code.

Production Story

Companies want to automate conversations but it’s a hard task. In these sessions, you get to know some of the leading projects built with Rasa as well as it’s learnings and best practices to put them into production.


Leading developers discuss the current state of the art in conversational AI, current developments and its impact on product teams. You will learn about best practices that enable product teams to move fast and efficient.

Rasa Talk

Rasa members present some of the latest updates on product and community as well as an outlook about what is on our roadmap.

8:30 AM

Registration, Coffee & Snacks

9:15 - 10:45 AM


Alan Nichol (Rasa)

Three Part Harmony: How Rasa and Open Source Can Make Your Product Sing

Josh Converse (Dynamic Offset)

Powering search using Natural Language, Machine Learning & AI

Brett Butterfield (Adobe)

Dial Rasa for Dinner - Chatbot Language Learning

William Galindez Arias (Octesoft)

Operationalizing Rasa

Janani Pathangi (Optum)
10:45 - 11:00 AM


How to Build Level 3 Assistants in Enterprises (Panel Discussion)

Charles Franklin (BCBSM), Andy Vadul (USEReady), Angel Mario Castro Martínez (Deutsche Telekom). Moderated by Akela Drissner (Rasa)

Building an Autonomous Organization with Conversational AI

Nathaniel Kohn (Lemonade)
12:15 - 1:15 PM


Evaluating Coherence in Dialogue Systems Using Entailment

Nouha Dziri (PhD Student at University of Alberta) / Google AI

The Best Ever NLU with RASA and Bert

Mady Mantha (Sirius Computer Solutions)

Product Updates from Rasa

Tom Bocklisch (Rasa)
2:30 - 2:45 PM


Designing a Graphical Interface for Multi Label Classification

Caleb Keller (Samtec Smart Platform Group)

Sam’s Club Conversational AI

Praneeth Gubbala (Walmart)

Building a Custom Communication Channel for Rasa - Case Study

Nahid Alam (Ople.ai)

Rasa Community Updates and Outlook

Justina Petraitytė (Rasa)


Alan Nichol (Rasa)
4:45 PM