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Case Study

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HIPAA compliant natural language understanding for a digital health assistant, allowing users to get their top health questions resolved while their data is secure


Tia, a San Francisco-based healthcare startup, allows its users to answer health questions via natural language. The conversation happens within their own app, which has been downloaded thousands of times.


Being in the healthcare space, HIPAA compliance is very important. For this reason, Tia would have had to build their own natural language understanding AI. However, developing this from scratch takes months and requires specific AI and Machine Learning talent.


Tia decided to build their conversational natural language understanding on the Rasa Stack, which is actively used by thousands of developers worldwide. Extending this with the Rasa Platform for faster NLU training, Tia was able to set up in a few days what would have taken months. Adding more training data from real users makes the system more robust over time and increases the quality.

Next Step

Extension to a wider audience and the implementation of more skills to support even more requests.

A demo of the Rasa integration

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