Version: 3.x

StoryReader Objects

class StoryReader()

Helper class to read a story file.


| __init__(domain: Optional[Domain] = None, template_vars: Optional[Dict] = None, use_e2e: bool = False, source_name: Text = None, unfold_or_utterances: bool = True) -> None

Constructor for the StoryReader.


  • domain - Domain object.
  • template_vars - Template variables to be replaced.
  • use_e2e - Specifies whether to use the e2e parser or not.
  • source_name - Name of the training data source.
  • unfold_or_utterances - Identifies if the user utterance is a part of OR statement. This parameter is used only to simplify the conversation from MD story files. Don't use it other ways, because it ends up in a invalid story that cannot be user for real training. Default value is True, which preserves the expected behavior of the reader.