This is documentation for Rasa Documentation v2.x, which is no longer actively maintained.
For up-to-date documentation, see the latest version (3.x).

Version: 2.x


You first have to create a Telegram bot to get credentials. Once you have them you can add these to your credentials.yml.

Getting Credentials

How to get the Telegram credentials: You need to set up a Telegram bot.

  1. To create the bot, go to Bot Father, enter /newbot and follow the instructions. The URL that Telegram should send messages to will look like http://<host>:<port>/webhooks/telegram/webhook, replacing the host and port with the appropriate values from your running Rasa X or Rasa Open Source server.

  2. At the end you should get your access_token and the username you set will be your verify.

  3. If you want to use your bot in a group setting, it's advisable to turn on group privacy mode by entering /setprivacy. Then the bot will only listen when a user's message starts with /bot.

For more information, check out the Telegram HTTP API.

Running on Telegram

Add the Telegram credentials to your credentials.yml:

access_token: "490161424:AAGlRxinBRtKGb21_rlOEMtDFZMXBl6EC0o"
verify: "your_bot"
webhook_url: ""

Restart your Rasa X or Rasa Open Source server to make the new channel endpoint available for Telegram to send messages to.

Supported Response Attachments

Changed in 1.10

Support for additional responses was added.

In addition to standard text: responses, this channel also supports the following components from the Telegram API:

  • button arguments:
    • button_type: inline | vertical | reply
  • custom arguments:
    • photo
    • audio
    • document
    • sticker
    • video
    • video_note
    • animation
    • voice
    • media
    • latitude, longitude (location)
    • latitude, longitude, title, address (venue)
    • phone_number
    • game_short_name
    • action


- buttons:
- payload: /affirm
title: Yes
- payload: /deny
title: No, cancel the transaction
button_type: vertical
text: Would you like to transfer {currency}{amount_of_money} to {PERSON}?
image: ""
- text: Here's my giraffe sticker!
sticker: ""