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Studio Change Log

All notable changes to Rasa Studio will be documented in this page.

[1.0.4] - 2024-02-12


Make sure to use Rasa Studio Helm chart version 0.4.0 & above for deploying this release.


  • Try your assistant page now maintains chat history

    Please note that the chat history is maintained in the local storage of the browser. The chat history is not maintained across different browsers

  • Users can now search flows by flow description


  • Improved security of Studio container images. Studio now uses non-root user for running the application
  • Simplified deployment time variables in the latest 0.4.0 Helm chart release
  • Other minor application improvements


  • Fixed issues connected to rasa studio download cli failure due to absence of slots and empty flows
  • Other minor bug fixes

[1.0.3] - 2024-01-22


  • Users can now search for primitives by typing in the search bar
  • Users can now use Azure OpenAI API with Studio to train their assistants. A new RASA_CONFIG_FILE environment variable can now be passed to the backend service to define the config.yaml file used for training the assistant

    Please note that the contents of the config.yaml file needs to be base64 encoded and passed to the new environment variable. The Studio backend service will decode the variable value and use it for training the assistant. Users can pass the Azure OpenAI API key to the existing OPENAI_API_KEY_SECRET_KEY environment variable

    The RASA_CONFIG_FILE values overrides the Advanced configuration options defined in the Create assistant Project model in the Studio web client

    Sample config.yaml file:

    recipe: default.v1
    language: en
    - name: LLMCommandGenerator
    model_name: gpt-3.5-turbo
    api_type: azure
    api_version: 2023-07-01-preview
    engine: gippity-35
    - name: rasa.core.policies.flow_policy.FlowPolicy

    Corresponding base64 encoded RASA_CONFIG_FILE value:



  • Improvements related to order of condition steps in flow export
  • Better user notifications when there is a connection issue with a deployed model in try your assistant page
  • Other minor application improvements


  • Fixed issue related to flow training when first step is the Logic step
  • User can now delete unused slot
  • Other minor bug fixes