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July 31st, 2018

Announcing the Rasa Community Forum

  • portrait of Justina Petraitytė

    Justina Petraitytė

TL;DR: We're moving away from Gitter channels to a Forum.

The Rasa community of makers has been growing rapidly over the past year. After talking to members, we realised that Gitter channels are not ideal to support this community. So we're introducing the Rasa Community Forum!

Here are the main reasons why we think Rasa Community Forum is a better place for our community:

  1. The topics are well structured which makes it easy to search through the already asked questions
  2. An easier and better way to have discussions
  3. Discussions regarding both Rasa NLU and Rasa Core will happen at the same place

We aim to migrate everyone from Gitter to the Forum in the next few weeks and to close the Gitter channels by the end of August.

We will continue to support our repos on Github as we do now. So what's the difference between Github and the Forum?


We are excited to see you in the Community Forum. Come and join us here!