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Full control over data and IP

Rasa meets the demands of the enterprise IT landscape, giving you full control over company and employee data privacy.

Open and flexible

Build without limitations. Open source AI means you can customize Rasa to fit the needs of your organization.

Integrate & securely deploy anywhere

Integrate Rasa into existing backend systems and data sources. Deploy Rasa on prem or on your private cloud.

Give employees the tools to do their best work, with a virtual assistant for internal processes.

Automate employee requests so your teams can spend more time on tasks that matter, with personalized conversational experiences that meet Enterprise data security requirements.

Deflect contacts for the most common IT helpdesk tasks.

  • Troubleshoot software and hardware
  • Provide setup instructions for new equipment
  • Reset passwords
  • Onboard new employees

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The Lemonade AI assistant in action

Case Study

Towards an Autonomous Organization


The Challenge

Lemonade, a US-based tech company with almost $500M in funding, is revolutionizing the insurance market. Lemonade uses an AI-powered bot to digitize the insurance-buying experience for renters and homeowners. To disrupt the insurance market and let humans focus on innovation, Lemonade drives automation within the whole organization using AI bots.

Lemonade had a question: How to scale the business without simply hiring more people, and how to automate the routine of organizational work. Like all companies with an engineering workflow, many tasks are repetitive. Internal processes to document, measure, and control workflows are critical, but can at times feel tedious and slow down delivering tasks to production.

Lemonade was looking for a solution that gives them the freedom to really customize their needs and integrate with existing workflows and tools while still maintaining full control of their sensitive company data.

The Solution

Lemonade decided to use Rasa to create a powerful AI assistant to drive its engineering team and automate other internal tasks. The team created Cooper, an “internal automation brain,” that handles and delivers tasks to production.

Cooper interfaces with the Lemonade team via Slack, its internal communication system, and assigns tasks, prepares testing environments, runs automated tests, and even deploys updates. It also handles tasks such as sprint planning, sending company logos and colors, and more.

The Results

Cooper’s smarts have saved tremendous amounts of time, money, and headcount for Lemonade. Ultimately, while this has led to faster development, deployment times and efficient processes, it’s been a significant factor in insuring around half a million homes as of April, 2019.

It’s also been part of delivering on a mission for the company to the path of becoming an autonomous organization, which co-founder and COO Shai Wininger discussed in a blog post. Autonomous organizations will rely on AI assistants to manage tasks more efficiently than humans.