Power voice-enabled assistants with open source NLP and dialogue management

Rasa integrates with speech-to-text and text-to-speech technologies to build advanced AI voice assistants.

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Build voice assistants that can handle complex conversations and domain-specific vocabulary

Leverage the full Rasa Open Source stack to bring the latest conversational AI research to your voice applications.

Give users hands-free access to information and apps with custom skills.

  • Check weather conditions and commute time
  • Order household products
  • Look up recipes and articles
  • Manage calendars and scheduling

Integrate with any voice platform

Modular architecture and robust APIs allow you to integrate Rasa with any voice channel or data source.

Advanced NLU and dialogue management

Customize and train language models to understand the vocabulary specific to your industry. Manage back-and-forth dialogues with machine learning.

Flexible and open source

Full access to code and algorithms. Customize Rasa to fit your needs, with no “black box” AI.


Hey Sensei: helping Adobe Stock users find the perfect photo


Adobe's voice-enabled assistant allows users to sift through hundreds of millions of Adobe Stock assets using an intuitive conversational interface. Users can start with a broad query and use spoken commands to explore options and refine the request, to find just the right image.

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