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Rasa Platform

One Platform for automating Conversational Experience. Start with Rasa Pro, or combine our pro-code infrastructure and no-code UI Rasa Studio for conversational AI teams to unlock the full platform.


Rasa Pro

State-of-the-art open-core Conversational AI framework for Enterprises that natively leverages generative AI for effortless assistant development. Rasa Pro enables deeply nuanced conversations with end customers by following business logic safely and predictably in the deployment environment of your choice. It has been built and tested to effectively respond to enterprise needs for security, observability and scalability.


Rasa Studio

Intuitive drag-and-drop no-code UI for effective cross-team collaboration. Rasa Studio allows practitioners to build, test, review, and continuously improve their generative conversational AI assistants. Built with Rasa Pro, Studio leverages CALM (Conversational AI with Language Models), a generative AI approach to reduce building complexity to a minimum and naturally handle common conversational patterns like digressions, corrections, and interruptions out-of-the-box.

The World's Most Extensible Platform

The Rasa Platform is purpose-built to enable enterprise teams to break boundaries in conversational AI. We provide a cutting edge, open-core framework coupled with all the tools your team needs to build, maintain and improve AI Assistants.

Build the Future of your Digital Customer Journey with Rasa


Transform Customer Experience

Create the exact conversational AI solution you need to engage customers at every step of their journey. Rasa Platform combines flexible APIs for any digital channel, and global infrastructure to support your AI Assistant at scale.

  • IT Service Desk - Telecom

    Find out how personalised customer support keeps T-Mobile in the #1 spot for customer care in the telecom industry

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Say Goodbye to One-size-fits-all Messaging

Personalization is key. Go beyond limited conversational interfaces to build personal relationships with billions of global consumers. Leverage the power of customer data to create individualized journeys and deliver 1:1 messages that increase customer satisfaction.

  • Agent Assist - Insurance

    Check out how health insurance provider nib built an AI Assistant that increased online member interactions by 900%

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Customize Without Compromise

Need to implement a new feature request, language, or capability? Everything is possible with Rasa. Our Conversational AI framework isn’t a black box, which means our modular Conversational AI Platform fits seamlessly into your existing software ecosystem.

  • Customer Care - Finance

    Learn how digital bank N26 reduced costs by automating 30% of routine customer service contacts with contextual conversational AI

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Increase Productivity

Provide service so convenient and proactive, your customers will think you can read minds. Contextual conversations, flexible workflows, and seamless cross-channel communications empower your teams to engage your customers in powerful new ways.

  • IT Service Desk - Telecom

    See how multi-channel, automated technical support helped optimize human agent workloads in a customer service center

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Rasa Platform

Rasa Platform Solution Sheet

Read more about all of the features and capabilities of the Rasa Platform. One platform for the whole conversational AI team.

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