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At Rasa we are looking for talented and compassionate people with whom we will shape the future of AI assistants.

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About Us

Who we are

We're a tight-knit, fast-moving team working to advance the field of conversational AI. We value diversity of thought, creativity, a spirit of experimentation, and rigorous research.

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What we work on

Rasa is the only serious choice for building mission-critical AI assistants. We work hard to solve machine learning problems, to bring the research of tomorrow into tools the developer community can use today.

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Why we do it

Our mission is to empower the world’s largest brands to interpret people’s needs with open and extensible conversational AI

Life at Rasa

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Our Values

Our values define how we work: they're at the heart of our culture. This behaviour inspires us to achieve our mission and vision as a team. We thrive because we integrate these principles into our everyday process, from interviews to onboarding, feedback and praise.

We Act as One Team

Everything is interconnected: we win together. Our team works as one, and every team member is crucial to our success.

We Are Empowered to Take Action

Our team members are experts in thoughtful action and taking ownership. We get to the heart of every challenge, test new solutions, finish what we've started, and support each other to multiply our efforts.

We Embrace Integrity & Diversity

Our team is inclusive and diverse. We admit to our mistakes, and with honesty and integrity, create a space that addresses challenges with empathy.

We Enable Our Customers to Delight Theirs

Our team's hard work allows our customers to create impressive conversational AI experiences that empower millions worldwide.

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