Help us empower all makers to build AI assistants that work for everyone

At Rasa we are looking for talented and compassionate people with whom we will shape the future of AI assistants

Our Mission

Empower all makers to build AI assistants that work for everyone

At Rasa, we want to enable a free and open world where every maker has access to the best AI technology. We are committed to these three core principles:

  • Champion open source tools
  • Ship applied research to solve real problems
  • Nurture a community of makers

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Our Values

You’re Not a Bot

We are humans and we celebrate that. We all have different interests, skills and preferences and this diversity is key for us to achieve our mission. We respect that you have a life outside of work and trust you with maximum flexibility - for example working at home if you don’t feel like coming to the office or need to take care of family members.

Think For Yourself

Rasa was built by people no smarter than you. We cherish ideas and you have the power to change things without always needing to ask. Listen and give every situation thought - don’t assume something said is correct just because of a job title. When engaging in feedback, offer suggestions and ideas, don’t just point out flaws.

Challenge Yourself to Be Exceptional

Always question the status quo. Think big and be audacious. There is always a next level for an idea, a goal, or even yourself. Get your teammates on board, seek feedback, and collaborate to get to the next level.

Be Honest

Every day brings new challenges and learning experiences. Put up your hand if things go wrong, explain what happened, and share the lessons from failure in a simple way. Be transparent, authentic, and honest.

Iterate Quickly

Find the minimum viable way to test your assumptions, ship your idea, learn from how humans interact with it, and make it better. This is true for everything we do and across each department. Risks are OK.

Respect is Our Code

We are ambitious and we want to succeed, while always practicing kindness and tolerance. Respect that people you interact with may work or communicate differently. Respond promptly. Be open to ideas from others, offer thoughtful feedback, and value their craft.

Do you believe in these values as well?

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Meet Us

Our team is a tight-knit, fast-moving team of researchers, engineers, designers and product people, with extensive experience in machine learning, natural language processing and rapid product design.

A photo of the Rasa team

Why Rasa?

We work hard on machine learning problems

We believe that AI assistants should work for everyone and on a daily basis we are building the tools to make sure that we will achieve this vision.

We never stop learning

We constantly attend talks, conferences, and organise events that help us meet different people and exchange knowledge. We do research in house and cooperate with universities from all over the world.

We are different and we love it

Our team's culture is all about inclusion. Diversity is a core ingredient of our team in building AI assistants that work for everyone.

We take fun seriously

We know that brilliant ideas often occur in the most unexpected situations and conversations. We're full of surprises and fun.

Join us to help makers build AI assistants that everyone can use