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At Rasa we are looking for talented and compassionate people with whom we will shape the future of AI assistants.

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About Us

Who we are

We're a tight-knit, fast-moving team working to advance the field of conversational AI. We value diversity of thought, creativity, a spirit of experimentation, and rigorous research.

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What we work on

Rasa is the only serious choice for building mission-critical AI assistants. We work hard to solve machine learning problems, to bring the research of tomorrow into tools the developer community can use today.

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Why we do it

Our Mission is to make great AI assistants easy to build. We envision a world where software is accessible to every end user, and every developer can build great AI assistants.

Life at Rasa

Learn more about the team at Rasa and how they approach their work.

Our Values

You're Not a Bot

Celebrate what makes us human. You have a life outside of work and we trust you to make your own decisions.

Think For Yourself

Make your voice heard. Rasa was built by people no smarter than you and everyone is empowered to initiate change.

Challenge Yourself to Be Exceptional

Think big and question the status quo. There is always a next level for an idea, a goal, or even yourself.

Be Honest

Put up your hand up if things go wrong, be transparent about your mistakes, and learn from them.

Iterate Quickly

Take risks. Find the minimum viable way to test your assumptions, ship your idea, and make improvements.

Respect is Our Code

Be open to ideas from others. Offer thoughtful feedback, and value other's craft and experience.

Open Positions


Sales Development Representative

Remote - UK, Germany, or Serbia


Senior Product Designer

Remote - UK, Germany, or Serbia


Head of Product Marketing

Remote - UK, Germany, or Serbia

Customer Success

Senior Customer Success Manager

Remote - USA, UK, Germany, or Serbia


Senior Software Engineer - Backend, Python

Remote - UK, Germany, or Serbia

Staff Engineer - Tech Lead - Machine Learning

Remote - UK, Germany, or Serbia

Software Engineer - Backend (Node)

Remote - UK, Germany, or Serbia

Software Engineer (Typescript)

Remote - UK, Germany, or Serbia

Junior Software Engineer (Typescript)

Remote - UK, Germany, or Serbia

Software Engineer (Python)

Remote - UK, Germany, or Serbia