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HIPAA-compliant, with full control over data and IP

Keep your customer data secure. Rasa is HIPAA-compliant, offering maximum data privacy and security.

Advanced NLU and dialogue management

Customize and train language models specifically for healthcare and medical terms. Manage back-and-forth dialogues with machine learning.

Integrate & securely deploy anywhere

Integrate Rasa into existing backend systems and data sources. Deploy Rasa on-premises, or on your private cloud.

Conversations with patients are rarely just one question and one answer

Patients turn to healthcare providers with life’s most important questions: how to navigate their health challenges, their life changes, their care. Being there for all of your patients all of the time requires smarter approaches to communication and support.

Rasa allows healthcare providers to automate the types of conversations that wouldn’t have been possible previously. Virtual assistants built with Rasa can understand the context of what a patient is saying, and they can reliably and authentically communicate critical information to patients.

FAQ chatbots are only the beginning. Rasa virtual assistants can do meaningful transactions like fetching and updating account details, scheduling appointments, and providing insurance quotes—tasks that deliver real value.

Importantly, virtual assistants built with Rasa allow healthcare providers to take full ownership over patient privacy. Rasa deploys on-premises or on your own private cloud, and patient messages and training data are never sent to Rasa. Rasa assistants can be built HIPAA-compliant, to the highest standard of patient care.

Support your members from purchasing a policy to filing a claim.

  • Compare health plans
  • Purchase insurance
  • Update contact details
  • File and check the status of claims

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Case Study

Improving Member Experience with Customizable Conversational AI


nib Group (nib) provides health and medical insurance to over 1.4 million Australian and New Zealand residents, and the company is also Australia's third largest travel insurer.

In 2017, nib became the first private insurer in Australia and New Zealand to improve member experience by leveraging AI with the introduction of nibby. nibby is a digital assistant embedded in the nib online member portal and mobile app, and available after hours via voice. nibby relieves pressure on human agents by providing a first line of support, including call routing and providing answers to common questions.

The Solution

With a team of data scientists and engineers ready to bring nibby to its full potential, nib began to benchmark alternative conversational AI frameworks. Rasa stood out for its extensibility and flexibility, as well as for features like the ability to customize channel-specific responses. Rasa's enterprise open source framework provided the freedom to build custom features on nib's timeline, rather than relying on a vendor's roadmap, and developers and data scientists had complete visibility into updates and functionality flowing into the product.

In the process of migrating to Rasa, nib seized the opportunity to refresh the underlying design of nibby, removing legacy code and rethinking the way conversations were handled from scratch. Working alongside the Rasa Customer Success Engineering team, nib completed the migration within three months. Post-migration, the Rasa team has continued to work closely with nib, partnering to identify and solve issues, and taking a hands-on approach to version upgrades and feature development.

The Results

nibby's success has allowed agents to focus on impactful conversations, grown the team and business around conversational AI, and expanded nib's AI assistant program to more channels. As more and more companies seek to create the same customer experience across multiple channels at scale, serving many channels with a single Rasa assistant has allowed nib to leverage their existing assistant to serve more members.