More leads and a higher conversion rate in a multi-channel world

Rasa gives you all the tools to have automated and personal 1:1 conversations with your leads.

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Customer Stories

Rasa allowed us to significantly reduce the engineering costs of our conversational AI projects. Being in control of our data and where Rasa is deployed is very important for us.

Florian Nägele, Project Manager at Helvetia
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Rasa is built to get the highest conversion rates and works in the enterprise IT landscape

Reach your leads when they have time

Your leads are individuals with their own schedule. Allow them to buy your products anytime they want with a 24/7 up and running conversational agent.

Integrates into your workflow

Rasa seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, like your CRM.

Say goodbye to shallow sales conversations

Sales conversations between humans are rarely only one question and one answer. Rasa's advanced dialogue management based on machine learning allows for smarter conversations.

Your secret sales sauce is yours

AI is the new big differentiator to your competitors. Don't help them get ahead of you by providing them training data in a cloud tool. Instead, deploy Rasa on-prem or in your private cloud and keep your data advantage.

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