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Features included with Rasa Enterprise

  • Understand messages
  • Hold conversations
  • Interactive learning
  • Connect to messaging channels and APIs
  • View and annotate conversations
  • Get feedback from testers
  • Version and manage models
  • Deploy anywhere
  • Run model evaluations
  • Integrate with CI/CD
  • Insights
  • Analytics
  • Role-based access control
  • Multiple deployment environments
  • Single Sign On
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Expert Support
  • Deployment and Installation Support

T-Mobile uses virtual assistants to strengthen customer experience

While relieving pressure on human agents

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Because “good enough” bots aren’t enough for your customers

Pre-built bot solutions may work for the very simplest applications, but fail quickly when faced with real customers attempting real conversations. Rasa empowers enterprise teams to create the very best assistants, by leveraging an open source core and superior research.

State-of-the-art NLU

  • Configurable NLU pipeline
  • Industry-leading performance
  • Transparent models

Open source innovation

  • 10m+ downloads
  • 10k+ forum members
  • 600+ contributors

Robust integrations

  • Modular architecture
  • Customizable framework
  • 10+ built-in channels

Looking for a trusted advisor? Let us help.

Rasa works with teams at the world’s leading companies to build AI assistants that provide real value to customers. From conceptual design to secure and scalable deployment, Rasa provides the technical foundation and the support for organizations to succeed.

Rasa offers targeted support packages designed to decrease time to market and help you succeed at every stage.


Get new projects off the ground. Rasa experts help your team establish a solid action plan and make the right decisions in the crucial early stages of development.


Optimize your existing deployment and architecture. Learn how to remove bottlenecks and overcome obstacles to get your assistant running at peak performance.


Ensure a seamless transfer from legacy architecture to Rasa. Go beyond data migration with detailed audits that help you unlock the full potential of your assistant.

Pricing FAQs

Rasa Enterprise

Rasa Enterprise in an integrated platform and subscription to develop and ship AI assistants at scale

What is the starting cost for Rasa Enterprise?

Enterprise is priced per custom subscription package, designed to fit the needs of your organization and project. Contact us to learn more.

Does Rasa Enterprise charge per message?

No. While pricing does take the size of the use case into account, pricing is not tied to the number of messages.

What types of premium support services does Rasa offer?

Rasa offers expert engineering support, SLAs, and priority routing for issues. Knowledge transfer and consulting are also available, including architecture review, data audits, and customized training sessions. Account managers serve as a point of contact within Rasa to expedite issues and ensure your success.

Can Rasa help me migrate from another platform?

Yes. Contact us to learn more.

Can I host Rasa Enterprise on my own infrastructure?

Yes. Rasa Enterprise can be deployed on-prem or on your own private cloud.

Rasa Open Source

Rasa Open Source is open source software governed by the Apache 2.0 License, as listed here.

Can I use Rasa Open Source for commercial purposes?

Yes, you can use Rasa Open Source in whole or in part, for personal, company internal, or commercial purposes. No charge, neither up front nor per usage or on any other basis is applicable.

For more information check the license.

Rasa X

Rasa X is licensed under the Rasa Community Edition License agreement listed here.

Is Rasa X open source?

Rasa X is not open source but it is free of charge.

What can and can’t I do with Rasa X under its license?

You can:

  • Use Rasa X to build AI assistants for commercial or non-commercial purposes
  • Host Rasa X for your own project

You can't:

  • Offer a SaaS product or any online service built with or on top of Rasa X that competes with or provides similar functionality to Rasa X
  • Use or copy the Rasa X Software for decompilation or reverse engineering
  • Change the code
Can I use Rasa X for commercial purposes?

Yes, as long as you do not use Rasa X to offer a SaaS product or any online service that competes with or provides similar functionality to any product or service Rasa provides.

You are allowed to use Rasa X in connection with a Rasa-based AI assistant that directly or indirectly generates commercial value for your business. For example, you have a conversational assistant for online shopping, which you make money with. To improve your assistant, you can use Rasa X.

How does Rasa make money then?
Leading companies build better AI assistants with Rasa

Find out how conversational AI can make a difference in your business