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Open Source Support

Get the most out of your open source deployment with our support only subscription.

Rasa Open Source

  • Natural Language Understanding in any language
  • Connect to anything
  • Advanced Dialogue Management
  • Custom Building Blocks
  • Full Visibility into ML Algorithms
  • Enterprise-ready deployments
  • Full control over data and IP

Customer Success Program Standard

  • Enterprise-grade support (SLA) - Business Hours

Platform Standard

Everything in Open Source Support, plus essential tooling for enterprise teams and support

Platform - Infrastructure

  • Rasa Open Source (see Open Source Support)
  • Additional proprietary infrastructure for enterprise - coming soon

Platform - Workflow Tooling

  • NLU Annotation
  • Role Based Access Control
  • Secure Sign On (SSO)
  • Development Best-Practises (CI/CD)
  • NLU Annotation for Teams - coming soon

Customer Success Program Standard

  • Enterprise-grade support (SLA) - Business Hours

Platform Premium

Everything in Platform Standard, plus the following:

Customer Success Program Premium

  • Proactive Enterprise-grade support (SLA) - 24/7
  • Named Support Engineer & Customer Success Manager
  • Roadmap Collaboration
  • Quarterly Success Reviews
  • Implementation & Deployment Consultation
  • Strategic Consultation
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Rasa Services

Accelerate success with Rasa

Rasa’s professional services team provides the expertise to accelerate the success of your most important projects. With strategic advisory services, rigorous project management, and deep technical knowledge and experience, our consultants help drive success at all stages of application development and digital transformation with Rasa.

Rasa Training

A successful Rasa project begins when your team has the right skills. Turn your team into Rasa experts with focused training courses tailored to specific user roles and level of expertise.


Get new projects off the ground. Rasa experts help your team establish a solid action plan and make the right decisions in the crucial early stages of development.


Optimize your existing deployment and architecture. Learn how to remove bottlenecks and overcome obstacles to get your assistant running at peak performance.


Ensure a seamless transfer from legacy architecture to Rasa. Go beyond data migration with detailed audits that help you unlock the full potential of your assistant.

Rasa Partner Program

Scale your business with our widely-adopted open source framework and wraparound services. The Rasa Partner Program is a collaborative ecosystem for building and supporting solutions that grow revenue and enrich the customer experience.

OEM and MSP partners

Original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and managed service providers (MSP) embed Rasa software, which includes valuable premium features and world-class Rasa support, to sell or lease to customers.

SI partners

Systems integrator (SI) partners help create offerings with global reach by aligning clients with the benefits of Rasa. We work with our Rasa partners from proof of concepts to production deployments.

Regional and channel partners

Our regional and channel partners are resellers who distribute Rasa subscriptions, act as referral partners, provide implementation services, or create custom integrated solutions.