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October 1st, 2019

Announcing the Rasa Masterclass

  • portrait of Justina Petraitytė

    Justina Petraitytė

Update October 3, 2019 - Episode 1 of the Rasa Masterclass is now available!

For us, educating developers on conversational AI is as important as building great tools and software. Today, we are extremely excited to announce our biggest investment in education so far - the Rasa Masterclass.

The Rasa Masterclass is a weekly series of videos which will air on our Youtube channel every Thursday. We will cover the entire process of developing a contextual AI assistant - from just an idea, all the way to deploying an application in production. Each episode will contain some theoretical background to better understand the specific topic and will also include a practical implementation. So if you follow the entire series, you will learn the ins and outs of the development of contextual AI assistants and will build quite an advanced AI assistant along the way.

We hope that everybody (beginners and experienced Rasa users) will learn something new from the masterclass. The masterclass will cover all the fundamentals and will lead into more advanced topics like creating forms, handling chitchat, and deploying the assistant in production. You don't have to be a Rasa or machine learning expert to follow the series, but you will definitely become an experienced Rasa developer by the end of the course.

Subscribe to our community newsletter or the Rasa YouTube channel to keep up with the new episodes of the Rasa Masterclass. Let's learn together and build great contextual AI assistants!