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June 4th, 2020

Black Lives Matter

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Dear Global Rasa Community,

The Rasa team stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and protests in the US and around the world. The murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and the violence and police brutality against the Black community are not isolated events but part of the systemic oppression of Black people. We hear and support your calls for justice.

The first steps we've taken as a company to increase our support for the Black community:

  1. Pledging to 2x match donations made by anyone on the Rasa team to orgs supporting the Black community
  2. Giving Rasa team members time off to take action and educate ourselves

Of course, this is just the starting point and we will do more. If you are involved in actively advocating for reform and justice and feel like Rasa could help (or just need somebody to talk to with an open ear), we're here for you - please sign up here for office hours with our founders Alex and Alan.

There are many amazing organizations out there that support the Black community in general - just to point out a few: Black Lives Matter, UNCF, Campaign Zero, Reclaim the Block, Advancement Project, Black Visions Collective, The Bail Project, Directly to Bail Funds, NAACP LDF, and National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

In addition, we also wanted to amplify two that are closer to conversational AI: Black in AI and Algorithmic Justice League (this is not an exhaustive list - please do suggest additions).

Here are a few resources that we found particularly helpful to educate ourselves on the topic and understand how we can help as individuals:

What's happening right now is bigger and more important than conversational AI. We encourage every community member to take action as best as they can and stand up for the Black community everywhere, not only in the US but wherever you live. Let's all make sure we watch out for each other. We're here to support you - give us a shout if you need us ❤️

- The Rasa Team