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October 16th, 2023

Event Recap: Rasa at the 7th International Chatbot Summit

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    Kara Hartnett

We had a great time at the 7th International Chatbot Summit in London, October 11-12. From interesting discussions to establishing new connections, the event was filled with insights and opportunities. Let’s take a look.

What is the Chatbot Summit?

For those who missed the event or want to learn more about it, the Chatbot Summit is a celebration of innovation and collaboration. Founded by the visionary Yoav Barel, the summit has transformed into a gathering place for professionals and enthusiasts in the world of conversational AI. Since it began in 2016, the event has traveled to tech hubs like Berlin and Tel Aviv, each one drawing larger crowds. Attendees participated in masterclasses, workshops, and roundtable discussions, all while networking with some of the brightest minds in the industry.

How did Rasa participate?

Rasa attended the Chatbot Summit as an exhibitor, speaker, and sponsor. Our booth was busy all day, with many people waiting in line for a demo of Rasa’s new platform. Attendees were excited to learn firsthand about Rasa’s new generation of AI assistants. The talks and masterclass were well attended with many questions. We met so many interesting people and look forward to collaborating and building even better conversational AI.

Rasa Co-founder & CTO, Alan Nichol, taught a masterclass, “Hands-on with CALM: An LLM-native approach to reliable conversational AI” with many engaged participants. Alan gave a comprehensive tutorial on building conversational AI using CALM (see below), covering everything from initiating a new assistant to managing complex dialogues, using both pro-code and no-code methods.

We made a huge announcement!

We were thrilled to announce our latest technological advancement, CALM, at the summit. The response to this announcement was significant. Business leaders, tech experts, and industry pioneers were keen to understand: “How does CALM enhance our customer interactions?”

Let’s explore what sets CALM (Conversational AI with Language Models) apart in the ever-evolving world of conversational AI:

Features of CALM

  • Considers the entire conversation (not just the latest user input) to ensure continuity and context, making every interaction feel connected
  • There's a harmonious blend between understanding user needs and adhering to business logic, ensuring interactions are both dynamic and in line with business goals.
  • Real-world conversations often have digressions, clarifications, and sudden changes in topic. CALM navigates these conversational nuances, adjusting in real-time to provide contextually appropriate responses.
  • Designed with a robust framework, eliminating AI hallucinations to ensure users can trust the information and responses they receive.
  • Ensures conversations remain anchored to core business objectives while being highly responsive to users, providing a balance between user satisfaction and business alignment.
  • Offers an intuitive and smooth conversational experience, blending user understanding with real-time adaptability to enhance user engagement.

In Alan’s Keynote session, “The new Rasa Platform: No-code and pro-code development of LLM-native, reliable assistants”, he introduced CALM as core of the next-gen conversational AI platform. Our goal is to help more businesses easily and efficiently leverage reliable AI assistants to further enhance customer satisfaction. The announcement was well received, with many attendees asking questions.

To learn more about the announcement, take a look at the press release.

What did our team think about the event?

"The Chatbot Summit could have easily been renamed the Rasa Summit! The action was all around the Rasa booth and our presentations. The attendees' engagement during Alan's CALM presentation was truly a sight to behold. After notable keynotes, many were drawn to our booth, impressed by Rasa's capabilities. The collective efforts of the entire Rasa team made this event a resounding success." - Patrick Viau, Chief Customer Officer, Rasa

"Our booth was a hub of excitement, especially for CALM. There were numerous questions about the future of CDD in the CALM era. The industry seems to be moving towards a 'big textbox for all your interactions' approach, and there's potential for Rasa to lead in this space. Themes like regression testing, time to value, and iterative development cycles were prevalent. There's a clear opportunity for Rasa to further innovate in these areas." - Paul Vallis, Staff Engineer/ Tech Lead, Rasa

"Rasa was undeniably the star of the Chatbot Summit. From our partnership discussions to the introduction of CALM, the engagement was palpable. Our booth was bustling, with Eric's demos drawing significant attention. Beyond strengthening ties with our existing customers, we engaged with many potential clients, setting the stage for future collaborations." - Joshua Markowitz, Sr Director Customer Office, Rasa

"The Chatbot Summit was a testament to Rasa's growing influence in the conversational AI space. Everywhere you looked, there was a buzz around Rasa – from our booth to our presentations. The introduction of CALM garnered significant attention, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. It's heartening to see our hard work resonate so deeply with the community. I'm grateful to the entire Rasa team for their dedication and to our community for their continued trust and enthusiasm." - Mette Bjerregaard Pedersen, Sr Director Customer Success Management, Rasa

What’s next?
Interested in learning how you gain the benefits of Rasa solutions for your business? We invite you to visit our website for a closer look or contact us to discuss your unique business needs.