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May 25th, 2021

L3-AI, The conference for building next-level AI assistants

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Our second L3-AI conference is coming up on June 17th, and we're excited to invite the global conversational AI community. The virtual conference includes something for everyone who works in and around conversational AI, including networking and talks about how to build next-level AI assistants. If you haven't already, get your free ticket and reserve your spot at this can't-miss event.

The Level 3 AI Assistant Conference - L3-AI - is geared towards conversational AI teams, conversational designers, researchers, developers, and leaders in the conversational AI space. The conference centers around the research, tools, and services needed to build truly interactive, fully contextual, "Level 3" AI assistants.

We hope to see you there!

Themes and Talk Tracks

L3-AI features 3 talk tracks: Imagine, Create, and Scale. Imagine examines the design and prototype phase of building assistants, focusing on the work of conversational UX experts, researchers, and developers. Create explores the challenges of taking assistants from prototypes to in-production systems, including integrations, model lifecycle management, and evaluation techniques. And finally, Scale features stories from teams who have successfully expanded the scope and complexity of virtual assistants within their organization.

Who should attend?

Anyone with an interest in building better AI assistants will find something to discover at L3-AI Talks are geared towards:

  • Developers (enterprise and hobbyists)
  • Conversational designers
  • Developer leads and managers
  • AI/Innovation leads
  • Providers of conversational AI technology

Meet a few of our speakers

We have a great lineup of speakers this year, representing the research community, the conversational AI ecosystem, and the enterprise. Check out our website for the full list.

Diana Deibel- Design Director, Grand Studio

Diana Deibel is the Design Director at product design and strategy consultancy Grand Studio, leading teams in conversation and product design. She's the co-founder of both the VUI Design Slack channel and the Chicago chapter of the Ubiquitous Voice Society. Diana is the co-author, with Rebecca Evanhoe (who is also speaking at L3-AI), of the book Conversations with Things.

Xiaoquan Kong- Machine Learning Expert, ECARX Technology Co. Ltd

Xiaoquan is a machine learning expert who focuses on natural language processing. He is currently leading a team to build chatbot systems in a Fortune Global 500 company and before that worked in Alibaba Group as a Senior Research Engineer. He also is a Rasa SuperHero as well as the founder and manager of the Rasa Chinese community group. He has written two books about natural language processing and translated one book about TensorFlow Extended into Chinese.

Will McKeon-White- Researcher, Forrester

Will works as a Researcher on Forrester's Infrastructure and Operations (I&O) team, focusing on modern service delivery. His research helps enterprises understand and capitalize on advances in processes and technologies for more effective IT and business service delivery, including enterprise service management (ESM) and IT service management (ITSM), and the use of ChatOps and chatbot capabilities to facilitate better help desk and employee support, incident resolution, and IT team effectiveness.

Heather Nolis- Sr. Machine Learning Engineer, T-Mobile

Heather Nolis is a Senior Machine Learning Engineer at T-Mobile, where she works with the AI @ T-Mobile team building conversational interfaces as a founding member. Heather specialized in neuroscience before pursuing software development and obtained her master's degree in Computer Science at Seattle University. The AI @ T-Mobile team focuses on converting cutting-edge analyses to real-time, scalable data-driven products.


If your organization offers tooling and/or services associated with building Level 3 conversational assistants, we invite you to apply to be a partner. Our partnership program is free of charge and serves to highlight solutions that empower the conversational AI community.


The L3-AI conference is just around the corner, and we are counting down the days to meet with members of our community, customers, colleagues, and friends in the conversational AI space. Last year's conference included 4,300+ attendees from around the world, 50+ speakers, and over 40 sessions, setting a high bar for 2021.

We look forward to seeing you there!