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August 24th, 2020

Now Available: Rasa X 0.32.0

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Update: A lot of things have changed since this post was written. Rasa X, the freemium companion tool to Rasa Open Source, is no longer supported or maintained, and we are currently focused on the development of the Rasa Enterprise platform. To learn more about this, you can check out this blog post

We're excited to announce the release of Rasa X 0.32.0. This release includes features to help you power through your NLU Inbox as well as Enterprise updates.

Rasa X 0.32.0 includes several big leaps forward for productivity. Building on recent releases that added keyboard shortcuts and a snappier NLU Inbox experience, 0.32.0 allows annotators to quickly sort through NLU messages and apply bulk actions. You can also jump straight to the conversation where an NLU message appeared, so you can understand the context of a message while you're annotating-without losing your place.

We've also added a few highly requested updates to our Enterprise feature set, including the ability to connect Integrated Version Control over HTTPS and fine-grained permissions for Role-based Access Control.

Here's a first look at what's new:

Jump to a Message's Context

When you're annotating messages in the NLU Inbox, being able to see what happened before or after in the conversation can help you make better decisions about how to handle the message. Now, you can easily navigate to the conversation a message came from, so you can get the full context. Each message now includes a See Conversation Context button that opens the conversation in a new tab, so you can refer to the full conversation without missing a beat.

See NLU inbox messages in context

NLU Inbox Bulk Actions

With Rasa X 0.32.0, you can now select multiple messages in the NLU inbox and apply intents in bulk (instead of selecting the intent for each message individually). Then, you can mark all selected messages Correct ✅with a single click.

Select multiple messages and correct the intent

Sort NLU Messages

We've added new filters to the NLU Inbox so you can quickly prioritize messages. You can now sort messages according to when they were sent or their confidence level. For example, you could filter messages with low confidence levels to the top of your inbox, so you can focus on annotating messages the model doesn't yet know how to classify.

Sort messages by timestamp and confidence

Enterprise Updates

Our Enterprise features address the complexity of building AI assistants in a larger organization, and Rasa X 0.32.0 includes two new enhancements requested by our customers.

Enterprise teams can now connect Integrated Version Control over HTTPS instead of SSH. This means enterprise teams can take advantage of making Rasa X a fully-connected part of their CI/CD workflow, no matter which protocol their IT guidelines support.

We've also added a new permission setting to Enterprise Role-based Access Control that grants/denies the ability to add new intents and entities to the domain. Team administrators can use this permission to allow annotators to label messages with existing intents and entities, but prevent them from creating new ones.


The features we've added with Rasa X 0.32.0 speed up the process of annotating messages and help you prioritize the messages that need your attention the most. Try it out and let us know what you think!

Check the docs for instructions on how to update and take advantage of the latest fixes and improvements.