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June 13th, 2019

Why, what and how to contribute to Rasa - removing friction from contributing to machine learning OSS

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    Justina Petraitytė

TL;DR: Want to contribute to our open source framework but don't know where to start? Click here.____

Together with our contributors, we are building the standard infrastructure layer for conversational AI so that all developers can create better assistants. By now, over 300 people have contributed to Rasa and we couldn't be more thankful for all the amazing contributions that have been made so far - from code, to developer education and local community chapters. And it's so rewarding for us to see Rasa community members contribute to open source. We see them upgrade their tech skills, find like-minded people within the community, build up their CVs and LinkedIn profiles, get jobs and even build their personal brands.

Contributing to open source is a valuable learning experience, but getting started can be daunting, especially when your question 'How can I get involved?' usually gets answered with 'Just make a contribution'. Regardless of whether you are contributing to open source for the first time or you're an experienced contributor, the process of contributing to open source takes a lot of thought - from what contribution to make, to how to implement it.

At Rasa, we want to make it easier for you to become an open source contributor. That's why we are very excited to announce the Contribute to Rasa project - a public project on GitHub where we will constantly share ideas for what contributions (code, content, local community chapters) you can make to Rasa alongside the resources and tips on how to best implement and share them with the Rasa team.

This project board is designed to inspire you, but it definitely doesn't mean that you can only contribute things which are listed here. You are more than welcome to contribute code, content or local community chapters you came up with yourself.

And the best part about this? In addition to making it easier for you to contribute, we want to acknowledge and celebrate your great work. That's why every Rasa contributor becomes a member of the Rasa contributor program which comes with really cool contributor swag and a roadmap of how you can grow as a Rasa OSS contributor - from a contributor to a Rasa Superhero!

You can find more details about the Rasa contributor program here.

If you have some interesting ideas for what you would like to see on this project board (interesting tutorials you would find useful, suggestions for a new community chapter in your area, etc) just shoot us an email at with your suggestions and we will add them there.

It's an early stage of this project and more contribution ideas will be added as the time goes by. We hope that with time, this project board will grow into a Rasa community roadmap and make it so much easier for you to become a contributor to Rasa open source project.

Look around, get involved and let us know what you think by shooting us an email at