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Rasa Pro will look for your license in the env var RASA_PRO_LICENSE, which must contain the content of the license key file provided by rasa.

Developer Edition

If you want to start building assistants with CALM you can get the Rasa Pro Developer Edition1.

You can set the RASA_PRO_LICENSE env var temporarily in your terminal, but it is recommended to set it persistently so that you don't have to set it every time you run Rasa Pro.


## Temporary
export RASA_PRO_LICENSE=<your-license-string>
## Persistent
echo "export RASA_PRO_LICENSE=<your-license-string>" >> ~/.bashrc
## If you're using a different flavor of bash e.g. Zsh, replace .bashrc with your shell's initialization script e.g. ~/.zshrc

Windows Powershell:

## Temporary
$env: RASA_PRO_LICENSE=<your-license-string>
## Persistent for the current user

Then you can use the rasa CLI as usual, for example:

rasa init

  1. The Rasa Pro Developer Edition is designed to empower developers like you to start building assistants with CALM. This license allows you to run Rasa Pro (with CALM) locally on your laptop, your desktop or your integrated development environment. The detailed terms can be found here.