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We are committed to three core principles:

Sara, the Rasa mascot, holding an open source flag

Champion Open Source Tools

We strive to provide well-maintained and documented open source tools, allowing all makers to build the best AI assistants without friction. Our work in open source is sustained long-term by our commercial offering for companies that use our tools at scale.

Ship Applied Research to Solve Real Problems

We are still in the early days of AI assistants and many things still need to be invented. Our research is driven by real challenges and datasets, and its primary aim is to let makers expand the capabilities of their AI assistants.

Sara, the Rasa mascot, standing on a book
Sara, the Rasa mascot, watering a plant

Nurture a Community of Makers

We cannot achieve our mission alone – it requires a combined effort to get there. Being part of our inclusive, respectful, and open community allows every maker to become an expert at building AI assistants.

Why we started Rasa

Text- and voice-based automation will dramatically change the world in the next decade, across every area of our lives from scheduling meetings to getting medical advice. However, every new technology comes with a risk of leaving people behind who are not able to use it.

Today, most AI assistants and chatbots don’t work well. The ones that do are built by a small fraction of makers that have both machine learning expertise and significant resources. We think that is a big problem.

If only a few makers can leverage powerful AI technology and all others are forced to use off-the-shelf AI tools by big tech companies, how can we build contextual assistants tailored to all different kinds of people? And if everyone has to send their data to a third party, how can makers ever become independent?

This is why we started Rasa.

The Rasa Team

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Conversational AI provides a huge opportunity to make life more pleasant, frictionless, and connected – but we need to make sure that every person can benefit from it. Join our community of makers from all over the world and help us build & improve the standard infrastructure layer for conversational AI!




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