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Upcoming Events

In-person Event


06/17/2024 | London, UK

Rasa is joining the league of extraordinary at Unparsed as a Gold Partner! On 17-19 June, London will experience a conversational AI conference like no other. Use code RASA at checkout to reduce current prices to the initial super early bird offer.
In-person Event

Executive Roundtable

06/13/2024 | Düsseldorf, DE

Join us for an exclusive roundtable discussion on LLMs and generative AI in business. Discuss the transformative potential of these technologies and explore their impact on various use cases
In-person Event

Beyond 'Agents': A Better Way to Build with LLMs

06/12/2024 | San Francisco, US

Join our developer meetup as we explore this topic further and start a broader dialogue, we'll each give a talk and then hang around afterwards to chat over pizza + beers, hard seltzers, and sparkling waters.
In-person Event

Interactive Panel Discussion

06/25/2024 | Amsterdam

Executive panel discussion in Amsterdam to explore the future of conversational AI with insights from top leaders. We’ll discuss how to effectively use Generative AI and large language models in your business strategies.

Past Webinars Available On-Demand

Catch up on or rewatch talks from past webinars.

Webinar Replay

Making Conversations Better

Conversation Design Institute & Rasa team up to talk about improving conversations with LLM-native assistants.
Webinar Replay

RAG Alone is Not the Answer:

Go beyond chatty deflection and provide true value. Watch this webinar replay to learn how pairing CALM with RAG gives you the best of both worlds.

Level 4 Conversational AI: Redefining Customer Experiences

Welcome to a new era in conversational AI, where traditional boundaries are being redefined. Hear from the experts and get a live look at CALM.

Rasa Labs: Shaping the Future of Generative Conversational AI Together

Watch the replay to hear Rasa's vision for the conversational AI industry's future and learn about our latest innovation initiative, Rasa Labs.

LLM Security in the Enterprise

Watch this exclusive webinar replay on LLM Security in the Enterprise with industry experts from Rasa and Lakera.

Generative AI & Rasa: Using LLMs to Break Free from Intents

Live demonstration of how you can use Rasa to leverage the power of LLMs and generative AI to kickstart and enhance your conversational AI Assistants.

Chatbot Optimization: From Zero to Hero

Learn how a large financial services brand went from being on the brink of failure to developing a successful AI assistant that its customers love.

Measuring Success in Conversational AI

Webinar with industry expert Cobus Greyling, on how to measure and improve AI assistants in order to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Rasa Webinars | New Starter Pack Chatbots for Banking and IT Support

Rasa Solutions Engineer Arjaan Buijk introduces two new open source AI assistants for banking and IT support.