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September 29th, 2021

Announcing the Rasa Learning Center

  • portrait of Vincent Warmerdam

    Vincent Warmerdam

We are extremely excited to announce the Rasa Learning Center. The Rasa Learning Center is the place to learn anything related to Rasa, as well as topics in Machine Learning and NLP. It hosts courses with step-by-step videos lessons together with code-snippets that makes it easy for anyone to learn Conversational AI at their own pace for free. If you want to check it out, you can find it here.

The Rasa Learning Center is launching today with five courses. Three of these courses are directly related to Rasa, while the other two are about topics in NLP in general.

  • In the Conversational AI with Rasa course you’ll learn everything you need to know to start making virtual assistants with Rasa.
  • The Rasa Forms course will teach you how you can request and store information from users using Rasa Forms.
  • The Understanding Rasa Deployments course teaches you all about the underlying technology behind a Rasa deployment, including Kubernetes, Docker and Helm.
  • The Transformers course explains how the modern transformers architecture works, and why.
  • The Biased Embeddings course teaches you about bias in word embeddings and why you need to be careful when you use pre-trained embeddings in your pipeline.

In addition to launching the Learning Center, we are very excited to relaunch our Certification Exam, which you can take here. It’s a completely free course,and the best part? If you pass, you can download your certificate to share or print immediately! If you’d like a study guide, you can find one on the Rasa Learning Center as well!

We want the Rasa Learning Center to be a place where you can find all of our Rasa courses bundled up by a topic and enhanced with code snippets and examples. We will keep adding new courses here, so keep an eye out for the future updates and share the Learning Center with anyone who is interested in learning about Rasa and chatbots.