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April 18th, 2024

Exploring Rasa's New Video Tutorial Series on CALM

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    Kara Hartnett

Welcome to Rasa’s latest educational offering—a comprehensive video series designed to guide you through the revolutionary capabilities of Conversational AI with Language Models (CALM). Whether you are new to conversational AI or an experienced developer accustomed to Rasa’s environment, this series is designed to enhance your skills in building enterprise-grade conversational AI assistants.

Why watch the videos?

CALM combines the robustness of large language models (LLMs) with precise business logic, creating powerful, efficient AI assistants. This series, hosted by Justina Petraitytė (Justė), is perfect for learners at all levels. It requires no prior experience with Rasa and promises to show even seasoned users how much more streamlined building AI assistants with CALM can be.

Throughout the course, Justė will lead you through a journey of understanding and applying CALM in real-world scenarios. You’ll start by learning the basic architecture of AI assistants and progressively move to more complex topics, such as managing dialogue flows, integrating enterprise search, and deploying your assistant in production environments.

Each episode is filled with practical insights and hands-on examples that will equip you with the knowledge to create AI assistants that are intelligent, responsive, scalable, and aligned with your business needs.

Practical learning with immediate application

Participating in this series will give you firsthand experience building applications using CALM. We cover common use cases and explore advanced methods and techniques to empower you to construct reliable enterprise assistants.

Series Introduction

The series begins with an overview of how CALM enables faster development of enterprise-grade assistants by integrating Large Language Models with strict business logic. This foundational episode sets you up to understand the capabilities and advantages of using CALM, detailed in Rasa Pro v.3.7.8.

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Episode 1: Architecture of an Assistant

Learn about the structure behind a CALM-powered assistant. This episode covers how different components work together to understand user inputs and generate responses, showing these elements in a real development environment.

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Episode 2: Configuring the Development Environment

This practical guide establishes your development space to start building with Rasa Pro. It covers everything from obtaining a Rasa Pro Developer Edition license to launching an example financial services assistant.

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Episode 3: Flows

Flows are crucial for guiding your assistant's interactions. This episode explains flows, how to start them, and how to tweak them to enhance your assistant’s performance.

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Episode 4: Dialogue Understanding

This deep dive into how CALM helps your assistant understand and drive conversations. You'll learn about the underlying components that help decipher user inputs and decide the next steps in a dialogue.

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Episode 5: Custom Actions

Explore the actions available in CALM, from simple response templates to complex actions involving custom code. This episode shows how these actions enable your assistant to interact dynamically with users.

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Episode 6: Handling Deviations from the Happy Path

Learn strategies for your assistant to manage unexpected changes in conversation, such as chitchat or corrections, ensuring smooth and engaging interactions regardless of the scenario.

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Episode 7: Enterprise Search

This episode introduces enterprise search, a feature that allows you to augment your assistant's responses with information from custom knowledge bases, enhancing the depth and relevance of interactions.

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Episode 8: Running in Production

Preparing your AI assistant for real-world use is critical. This episode covers the configurations and services needed to run Rasa assistants effectively in a production environment.

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Outro and Next Steps

The final episode wraps up the series, reviewing key points and guiding you on further steps to continue your learning journey with CALM and Rasa.

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As you progress through each episode, you'll discover just how transformative CALM can be for your projects. This series is your gateway to mastering state-of-the-art technology that is set to redefine conversational AI standards.

We encourage you to watch the series and actively engage with the content by signing up for the Rasa Pro Developer Edition. This allows you to put what you learn into practice, experiment with new ideas, and truly experience the power of CALM.

Do you have questions not addressed in this series? Join the Rasa community to ask questions directly to your peers.

Happy coding!