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September 7th, 2022

Hi, I'm your new Developer Advocate!

  • portrait of Sonam Pankaj

    Sonam Pankaj

Greetings Rasa Community,

I am Sonam, your new Developer Advocate at Rasa. I have been working in the area of NLP and fairness in AI. I love to present my work, meet dynamic developers, and research. I am thrilled to join Rasa's huge and growing community.

It's no secret that Rasa hands-down has some of the best content available for understanding transformers and attention, which are the foundation of NLP. Making such high-quality content available to everyone and democratizing AI is something I am very passionate about. I have used Rasa stacks in my projects; their flexibility, and a wide range of use cases, for example, finding the correct information about the market price for farmers, and getting hospital information, shows Rasa truly stands for AI for social good, which has drawn me towards it.

I previously worked as an AI Researcher at Saama technologies, especially in NLP and clinical trials. Before that, I also had a wide range of experience working in startups as a Software Lead and a visiting faculty. In my career, I have led several projects focused on using machine learning cases to solve industrial problems from the oil and gas industry to the pharmaceutical industry of predicting dropout patients in clinical trials. I have also presented my work in NLP at various conferences.

In the future, it's essential for me to promote social inclusion and fairness in AI, as well as to enable and nurture local communities of Rasa to their full potential all over the globe.

I love playing chess, painting, and listening to music when I am not at work. These days I am learning to swim. I also like to learn and read about how humans developed linguistics in the first place. I believe in chatbots; we can build things to make human-machine interactions more realistic.

Thank you everyone for your time, feel free to connect or reach out to us at I am always happy to support you in every possible way.