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August 20th, 2019

Hi, I'm your new Community Manager!

  • portrait of Emma Jade Wightman

    Emma Jade Wightman

Greetings Rasa Community,

I'm Emma and I'm your new Community Manager based in Berlin! I have been developing, supporting and collaborating with communities for several years thus far, primarily in the gaming industry and I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of Rasa!

It's no secret that the community is at the heart of Rasa, this being one of the very reasons I was drawn in, since it's truly understood how crucial the community is to an open source project.
Going forward, it's also important for me that we continue to nurture and grow our community in a healthy direction, create respectful environments that new community members feel inspired to engage in. To strengthen our relationship and collaboration with established contributor Heroes, Superheroes, and continuing to recognise their incredible efforts and support! Fortify development cycles with community feedback, and ensure we remove anything blocking their path to success. While not forgetting to keep everyone well informed about our latest community initiatives and special events! So stay tuned for that!

So what have I been doing prior to Rasa? Well, I began working with communities during the time I was studying, mainly as a hobby. This all started with a YouTube channel in 2013, where I managed a network of players who provided guides on experienced gameplay. Working with them to further develop their online presence, and share their professional knowledge with the rest of the community.

From there, I was fortunate enough to turn my passion into a career, with the opportunity to develop different online communities for a multitude of games, from mobile apps, browser to PC titles. Not only hosting special events, tournaments, live streams, contests, but also creating environments for meaningful discussions amongst the community and facilitating valuable exchange between them and the development team.

What do I do when I'm not managing communities? Well, whenever I have the chance, I enjoy swimming, paintballing, playing video games and listening to Science podcasts on the go! My personal goal is to build my own assistant with Rasa, that will support my daily tasks. :)

Of course, with all that said, I'm naturally interested to know more about you, what's important to you and how we can improve your overall experience with Rasa! So, always feel free to get in touch with me via the forum @Emma or drop an email to I'm also delighted to be attending the Rasa Summit in San Francisco (more information here - so I hope to meet you there in person too!